Making a difference for immigrants…everywhere

When the story of Extrafemi is told, it would be of how we consistently pushed and tried to make an impact via our CSR, leveraging our partnerships and pushing to create opportunities and wealth for all who are willing, especially Africans.

We have done a lot of research and reached out to some of our partners to provide learning, personal development and earning opportunities, some FREE, others paid. Please scroll down and see the opportunities available and follow the links for more information. 

Earn money online

We have put together a collection of videos each to share with you one way or website through which you can earn money online from the comfort of your house. We do not own this videos and all rights and credit go to the video creators. 


We are building a online marketplace for freelance services and connect you with clients all around the world. Please follow the link below for more information and tell us what skills you have. 

Learn how to code

A lot of organizations are ambitiously attempt to change the way education is done in Africa, especially coding. It’s the bridge between learning to code and becoming the best in the world.

Love to read?

This store has a collection of e-books (both free and paid) that you might find interesting. 

Price: Free and PAID 

Can you write?

We have been asked to recommend articles/ stories to be published in some online publications. We are looking for stories/ articles in the following areas: Happenings in the international student community (preferably positive stories), education, life and style, health, film and tv, food, fashion, tech and science, tourism etc.

P.S: This is not an employment opportunity or internship. It is also highly unlikely that you will be paid for this effort. 

Learn mobile photography

Wakafire Photography has made several strides in the world of mobile photography; from making history, to crafting industry standard mobile photography syllabus and training over 500 entrepreneurs in the art of phone photography, to building a portfolio of over 10 categories and a client base of over 20 businesses both locally and internationally and more. 

Learn Excel Essentials in 5 Days

This free course will give you staged access to short videos over the next 5 Days to demystify how Microsoft Excel really works.

Creating digital products 

This course seeks to answer the following and more:

1. What are digital products and how to profit from them?

2. How to create digital products and more.

The better way to save & invest

PiggyVest helps you save & invest securely as well as achieve financial freedom by enabling you save responsibly and invest on the go. Earn 10% - 15.5% interests on savings and Earn over 25% return on investments. Sign up and get ₦1,000.00 to start your own savings journey

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