Making sense of social media for your brand can be daunting. We can help.

We have delivered solutions for our clients across the following sectors



  • helped save several marketing dollars for a multinational FMCG brand 
  • resolved a social media identity crisis



  • managed the social media presence of the largest stockbroking company in Nigeria in 2015. 
  • drafted winning social media strategies and covered events for two tier-II banks in Nigeria
  • drafted the social media strategy for a fund which was successful with an over-subscription of 144.4%. 
  • managed the social media presence for one of the most affordable mutual funds in Nigeria 
  • delivered a 12,000% growth across social media assets



  • created and managing online presence for a 94-room hotel at the economic capital of the largest economy in Sub-sahraran Africa 
  • drafted strategies and provided promotional images for new restaurants and hotels across two states in Nigeria

Extractive Industries


  • developed and maintained the social media strategy for a key player in the Nigerian extracting industry.
  • provided social media event moderation for the the policy, strategy and investment round-table for the development of the gold value chain in West Africa.

Movies and Entertainment


  • Created and managed the social media presence for the single largest indigenous media and hospitality company in Nigeria
  • Delivered a 25,000% growth on the social media audience 
  • Secured an interview slot on Aljazeera for a cinema with over 13 branches nationwide 
  • Developed and executed policies and initiatives to combat fraud within client touchpoints 

Training and Capacity building


  • delivered a 100% increase in newsletter subscribers 
  • delivered and managed a social media strategy across all platforms



  • partnered with and delivered on a social media strategy for the most intimate technology festival in Africa according to the CNBC
  • delivered on social media moderation for one of the largest beach events held in Nigeria

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