Sometimes “extra” is measured in "Heart".

At Extrafemi, we often pride ourselves on our ability to do “extra”. Sometimes this “extra” is measured in metrics like 150% out of 100% but other times, it is measured in heart. Herein lies one of our biggest strengths.

The Extrafemi CSR Project seeks to support non-profit organizations and social enterprises by providing photography, social media, design solutions, or donations absolutely FREE of charge OR discounted for a specific period. Some organizations who have benefited from this project in the past are:

The Extrafemi-Covid19 response

In the wake of the Covid19 crisis which has decimated businesses, jobs, and livelihoods across the world, we have decided to join in the relief effort to provide aid in the ways we can.

1. We have pledged a total of €300 over the period of 6 months (March-July 2020) to be dispensed in two countries: 

 The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) via one of the largest student non-profits- VOIS Cyprus (Voice of International Students) and the Cyprus International University Christian Fellowship- CIUCF. 

The Federal Republic of Nigeria via the Deeper Life Bible Church, Olayemi District, Ayobo Lagos and The Redeemed Christian Church of God; RCCG, Cloud of Glory Parish, Baruwa Ipaja Lagos.

2. We are consulting for and providing strategy direction for businesses to help them pivot, structure payments, maintain cashflow and stay afloat during this crisis.

3. We are helping entreprenuurs who wish to transit back into a “9-5” craft their CVs to better position them for available jobs.

Kabara Community Development Intiative

Kabara is a title used in prehistoric times by the Hausa people to symbolize a female monarch. Between the 7th – 9th century, often referred to as the “Kabara period”, a matriarchal royal system of governance was in force, thus developing into the legacy of the Hausa people.

Having suffered a lot of set back due to ethnic and religious crises, Kabara Community Development Initiative (KCDI) is focused on improving the lives of people living in Northern Nigeria through timely intervention programs like agricultural aid, medical outreach, and educational support. We provided free graphic design services to aid these programs

See their website.  

Stand To End Rape (STER)

A youth-led Not-for-Profit Organization advocating against sexual violence, providing prevention mechanisms, and supporting survivors with psychosocial services. STER advocates for rape survivors who can’t speak about their ordeal due to stigmatization, by enlightening our community on the need to end rape and victim-blaming.

STER Initiative won an award for the Best Use of Social Media by an NGO in Africa at the 2014 Social Media Awards Africa. We provided free graphic design services to aid STER in these efforts.

See their website  


The purpose of AboCoders, an initiative of the Aspilos Foundation, is the provision of secure and sustainable livelihoods for young women in Northern Nigeria using ICT training with an emphasis on software development as a means of empowerment. We donated a laptop to aid Abcoders in this effort.

See their website.  

Betheseda Child Support Agency

Bethesda Child Support Agency (Bethesda) is a non-profit organization established in 2001 by Mrs. Nkoyo Rapu. The primary focus of Bethesda is to mobilize efforts of government, private sector, and other development agencies towards securing educational opportunities for children in poor communities. We provided free graphic design services to aid the Bethesda Child Support Agency in these efforts.

See their website.

Safe and Smart Foundation

The Safe and Smart Foundation is bridging the gap between sanitary pad accessibility, proper menstrual hygiene, reproductive health, AND Rural Nigerian women and girls. We provided free graphic design services to aid the Safe and Smart Foundation in these efforts.

Read about them here  

Unmask Foundation

The Unmask Foundation seeks to create a culture that recognizes brokenness, nurtures healing, and restores wholeness, particularly for young women. We provided free photography services for their event via Wakafire Photography.

Find out more about them here 

Bake for Change Development Foundation

The Bake for Change Development Foundation seeks to help kids at Special Correctional Centres across Lagos State. We provided free photography services for their event via Wakafire Photography.

Find out more about them here.  

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